Undergraduate Power Electronics Laboratory

 A modern laboratory for undergraduate power electronics education was developed at ASU in Fall 2004 using an NSF CCLI (Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement) grant and matching funds from ASU.  This lab has been designed with two main objectives  - (1) to support the senior level elective course "EEE498- Power Electronics",  which was introduced in Spring 2005 and (2) to support several senior design projects in the area of power electronics and electric drives.  The laboratory adapts the model developed  at the University of Minnesota for Power electronics education.

        The hardware laboratory can support several experiments on switch mode power conversion.  Each of the laboratory workstations consists of a power-pole board (developed by  the University of Minnesota),  a 100 MHz digital storage oscilloscope capable of interfacing with a computer, a personal computer and other general purpose instrumentation. In addition a dSPACE rapid prototyping tool for experiments in digital control and for supporting senior design projects is also available. The main feature of the power-pole board is the reconfigurable power-pole consisting of two MOSFETs and two diodes, with associated drive and protection circuitry.  PWM signals can be generated on board or supplied from an external source.  The power-pole can be configured to work in various topologies, including buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback and forward topologies, using three magnetic boards, which plug into the power-pole board. 

        In Spring 2005, the hardware experiments were in three main categories - (1)  Analysis of various topologies on the pre-assembled power-pole board, (2) Controller design, individual assembly and its validation and (3) Design, fabrication and implementation of a forward converter on a printed circuit board, testing and performance evaluation. 



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EEE/498 Power Electronics Lab
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